Transform your organization through Gestalt-based workshops and training for executives, teams, consultants, and companies.

Organizations transform when its people transform.

Our Gestalt-based approach gives people the skills to lead, manage and consult multi-level change initiatives, enhances their ability to influence people and processes, and to increase the capability to achieve desired outcomes.

Organization transformation is a function of increased effectiveness through the ability to:

  • Identify, support, and mobilize energy
  • Facilitate clear, meaningful, enhanced contact with others
  • Heighten or diffuse conflict as appropriate according to the context
  • Develop appropriate interventions
  • Cultivate an openness to change
  • Attend to the social issues of the system

Organizations achieve their transformation because of increased effectiveness and directly benefits by an enhanced ability to get things done, increased potential for implementing desired changes, and developing new linkages and networks for increased effectiveness.

Workshops are designed for executives, teams, consultants, and can be custom-designed for companies as a whole system.

Some workshops and training programs award Continuing Education (CE).

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