Working with Families: Joining Embodiment and Story in Practice - October 20, 2017

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Working with Families: Joining Embodiment and Story in Practice - October 20, 2017


Date: October 20, 2017   Time: Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm

Tuition: $140.00
Early Bird: $126.00 (before 10/6/2017) - use promo code: WorkingWithFamilies2017

Continuing Education (CE): 7 contact hours

Location: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland


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Heidi Abrams, MSSA, LISW

As we sit with one another at our family tables we reveal our life history and begin to tell our story through an embodied relational dance. Our life themes, fears, hopes, wonderments, and dreams are expressed in our tissue and shared. Without words we engage in non-verbal conversation through sensing, feeling, moving and thinking. As we engage in our therapeutic practices with families, our own body stories influence the relational field.

In this workshop we will discover how we bring our body stories into contact with one another by applying movement exploration practices, improvisation with one another, and role play in small groups. By honoring and understanding the embodied relational dance that takes place within families, and in the therapeutic context we can broaden the depth and authenticity of our work.

This workshop is designed/appropriate for all professionals including: Counselors, social workers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, art and music therapists. Coaches, managers, supervisors and others interested in exploring these topics are welcome. 

Learning Objectives
Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Define embodiment from a gestalt relational field model;
  • Describe this model as it relates to work with families in therapy;
  • Articulate embodied life stories through exploration, role play, and journaling;
  • Practice working from an embodied relational stance; and
  • Apply concepts from an embodied relational model to work with families in practice.