Women and Power: Stepping into Leadership - April 12-14 2019 (Women’s Work and Empowerment Series)


Women and Power: Stepping into Leadership - April 12-14 2019 (Women’s Work and Empowerment Series)


Date: April 12-14, 2019
Time: Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm;
Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm (break between 12:30pm-2:00pm);
Sunday, 10:00am-1:00pm

Tuition: $252.20
Early Bird: $219.30 (before 3/1/2019) - use promo code: power

Continuing Education (CE): 10.75 contact hours

Location: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

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Gail Feinstein, LCSW

The world needs us now more than ever.

When women gather a container is provided to go deep into conversation and exploration – to connect to our hearts.  We slow the tempo, breathe and create space to choose how we want to respond and presence our selves.  We bring a spacious attitude of open-minded interest, curiosity and wonder – an inclusiveness that offers an openness to otherness.  We listen more closely; see and hear each other more deeply.  In this relational field of mutuality and generous collaboration, we align with our authenticity, honoring, strengthening, and supporting one another.  When we are our selves, we are powerful.

However, our patriarchal culture has influenced us to carry self-limiting stories, beliefs and biases that hold us back, diminish and disconnect us from our inner authority.  With discussion, engaged inquiry and group -generated experiments, we investigate what our thoughts and feelings are about powerful women and what it means to be in the world as a powerful woman.  We redefine power and explore how we embody it.  We learn about aggression from a relational gestalt perspective and how it relates to power.  We look at how we uniquely step into effective and joyful leadership at this time and become more intentional about what we need to embrace and what we need to release. 

Our community, world, future is calling women to be in our power and our truth, right now – to speak from our values and vision, our deep knowing and wisdom.  It is time.

Learning Objectives
Participants completing this workshop will be able to:

  • Identify the tools that enable us to redefine power and embrace it with intention and authenticity;
  • Articulate how women are empowered through connection and collaboration;
  • Recognize the ways we are able to embody power;
  • Describe how our female heritage affects a woman’s experience and behavior;
  • Experiment with different ways of stepping into leadership with confidence, kindness, rigor, joy;
  • Apply these principles to our work with women as clients and colleagues;
  • Discuss the gestalt definition of aggression and its relationship to power; and
  • Recognize how magic and power awaken in the group and in each other when women gather.