Coming to Terms with Suffering: A Relational Gestalt Approach - February 9-11, 2018


Coming to Terms with Suffering: A Relational Gestalt Approach - February 9-11, 2018


Date: February 9-11, 2018
Time: Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm; Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm (break between 12:30pm-2:00pm); Sunday, 10:00am-1:00pm

Tuition: $247.25
Early Bird: $215.00 (before 1/26/2018) - use promo code: terms

Continuing Education (CE): 10.75 contact hours

Location: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

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Gail Feinstein, LCSW

Buddha asked a student, “If a person is struck by an arrow is it painful?”  The student replied, “It is.”  Buddha then asked, “If the person is struck by a second arrow, is it even more painful?”  The student replied again, “It is.”  Buddha then explained, “In life, we cannot always control the first arrow.  However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first, and often arrives without our conscious awareness.  It is just there.” 

Life’s first arrows come in the form of physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  When we cannot be with the first arrow, allowing ourselves to be present with and attend to our feelings, we strike ourselves with the second arrow through judgment, criticism, blame and shame, causing ourselves interminable suffering.  In this workshop, we will work with breath, movement and relational mindfulness to explore intercepting the second arrow.  Through slowing down, pausing and bringing a more sensitive and embodied listening, we create a more intimate, spacious relating.  Thus, after the first arrow there is room for the possibility to accept the difficulty and to stay with the physical sensations of the pain.  We bring curiosity and compassion, instead of fear.  Here our relationship with suffering can be transformed.  As we learn to support ourselves, receive support from others and connect to the heart, we expand our ability to help clients with their own arrows and to live choicefully and intentionally.  

This workshop is designed/appropriate for all professionals including: Counselors, social workers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, art and music therapists. Coaches, managers, supervisors and others interested in exploring these topics are welcome. 

Learning Objectives
Participants completing this workshop will be able to:

  • Identify our “first arrows”;
  • Cultivate a patient, non-reactive and curious attitude towards our first arrows;
  • Gain insight into our reactive states;
  • Explore how introjects are embodied;
  • Create practices to pause and slow down in order to be present in the moment;
  • Articulate how inhabiting our bodies supports intercepting second arrow; and
  • Co-create responses with empathy and compassion.