Authenticity and Aliveness: A Deep Dive into Experiencing the ‘Self’ at the Boundary of the In-Between - March 23-24, 2018


Authenticity and Aliveness: A Deep Dive into Experiencing the ‘Self’ at the Boundary of the In-Between - March 23-24, 2018


Date: March 23-24, 2018
Time: Friday, 5:00pm-9:00pm; Saturday, 9:00am-9:00pm

Tuition: $247.25
Early Bird: $215.00 (before 3/9/2018) - use promo code: boundary

Continuing Education (CE): 10.75 contact hours

Location: Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

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Mary Ann Kraus, PsyD, BCC
Logan M. Lamprecht, PhD, PCC, NCC

This is an experiential excursion designed for people who have a curiosity around increasing connection with themselves and developing new methods that invite nourishing relationships with others. The design employs an integrative model, drawing from Existential and Gestalt tenets, while privileging an emergent framework co-constructed from the interests and longings of the souls who show up.  

Expanded self awareness, embodied engagement, experiencing one’s aliveness in new ways through meeting and being met by 'others' more fully and vulnerably, and working collaboratively in the service of each other’s greatest good, captures the essence of the landscape we will be exploring.  

This workshop is designed for practitioners who wish to deepen their experiential knowledge base for working with people at relational depth and expand their skills in working with groups.  Come join us!

This workshop is designed/appropriate for all professionals including: Counselors, social workers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, art and music therapists. Coaches, managers, supervisors and others interested in exploring these topics are welcome. 

Learning Objectives
Participants completing this workshop will be able to:

  • Observe and articulate group dynamics through the lens of Gestalt theory;
  • Define group practice concepts through an integrative Existential-Gestalt framework, including: creative experiments, de-repression, embodiment, resistance to contact, the cycle of experience, and here-and-now orientation;
  • Discuss to the concept of "polarities";
  • Experience working with polarities in the context of a supervised group experience;
  • Review the concept of dialogue as it applies to  “ I-Thou” and “I-it” relationships;
  • Practice using methods for enhancing contact through group experiments;
  • Develop relational competence and relational responsiveness through didactic discussion and   workshop activities;
  • Review concepts related to group process drawn from Gestalt and Existential psychotherapy including: "self-as-process," resistance to contact, acceptance of responsibility, and privileging the relational hallmarks of mutuality, acceptance, honesty, and authenticity.