Are you seeking:

  • Support for making changes in your life?
  • A “safe place” where you can belong being authentically “who you are?”
  • Guidance for troublesome life patterns which strain personal relationships?
  • A “Place where everybody knows your name (Cheers)” and cares about what it takes to live your life?

Many ask:

  • Would I think I am safe and embraced by the group members?
  • Would I experience personal growth and development?
  • What types of discussions would be on the table?
  • How are the sessions led/facilitated and what can I expect from this leadership?
  • What types of other people would be in the group?

For answers to some of these questions, and to learn more about how to enter the group, click for more details:

Les Wyman

Group meets every other Tuesday,
7:00 - 9:30.