Gestalt therapy, a holistic approach to therapeutic practice, focuses on building rapport between therapist and client. While paying careful attention to present experience, therapist and client explore nuances within relationships. This program intends to establish a "gold standard" for the clinical practice of Gestalt therapy. Core theoretical concepts, legal and ethical principles, and acknowledgement of individual differences will be combined with the goal of increasing participants' capacity to be active, present-focused clinicians embracing the relational, curious stance of a Gestalt therapist. 

Is CATCO for me?

You are welcome to apply if you:

  • Are a clinician with at least a Master's Degree, are an independently licensed psychotherapist, are license eligible, are a practicing clinician working with a client population, or are a graduate student already engaged in the internship portion of your training, and
  • Have completed the Gestalt Training Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, or an equivalent basic Gestalt therapy training program, and
  • Have a demonstrated ethically responsible practice history, and
  • Have a 'fire in your belly' for exemplary therapeutic practice.

Continuing Education (CE): 131.75 contact hours

Mentoring hours: 9 hours (scheduled between weekends at times that are mutually convenient for participant and mentor)

Upcoming CATCO Dates: 

Shareefah Sabur