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GIC Programs and Clinical Services

GIC is committed to the highest standards of professional competence. However, its programs are not meant to deliver clinical services. All workshops and group activities sponsored by the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland are designed primarily for educational and personal development. While frequently very moving and significant experiences, participation in Gestalt workshops is but one step in the process of self-development. These experiences should not be viewed as a means of securing treatment or therapy for critical personal or interpersonal difficulties, emotional disturbances, mental illness, or other conditions for which direct clinical service is most appropriate. Many of GIC’s faculty are licensed practitioners in private practice or in clinical service facilities. Any persons seeking Gestalt therapy for a personal problem may contact GIC for the names of qualified Gestalt therapists.

If you have questions regarding the appropriateness of applying for any GIC workshop, please contact GIC or a faculty member staffing the workshop in question.