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The Gestalt Training Program (GTP)

For Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Social Workers, Consultants, Educators, Members of Healing Professions, Graduate Students in the Mental Health Profession and other Professionals.


The Gestalt Training Program (GTP) is designed to foster the growth, development, and transformation of people and communities in a manner unique to the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in service to individuals' personal and professional development.

GTP strives for diversity and the building of a community of people with different backgrounds, ideologies, cultures, races, religions, and professions. We engage in the important work of expanding our capacity for living a meaningful life and our potential to contribute meaningfully to the world. We support the integration of body, mind, emotion, and spirit in search of a richly satisfying way of life.

GTP attends to six core areas of inquiry and experience: intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, relational, and creative. Basic Gestalt theory and methods are presented. GTP is also an important first step in an advanced training process.

Our Faculty

GTP draws its faculty from a distinguished group of individuals from around the country. Each member of the faculty, in turn, draws on personal experience and training, as well as years of professional practice in a variety of venues and specialties. Together, the faculty provides a unique understanding not only of Gestalt principles and concepts, but also of ways to apply GTP learnings in your day-to-day personal and professional lives.

Our Teaching Format

The skills taught in GTP have a broad array of applications for working with individuals, couples or small systems, or groups. GTP provides hands-on experience in skill application, accompanied by immediate feedback from faculty. Gestalt concepts are learned through practicum (practice), lectures, experimentation, personal growth groups, and large community interactions.

Who Should Apply

Anyone working with individuals, couples, families, or groups in a broad range of professional settings will benefit from the program. Psychiatrists, psychologists, members of the healing professions, social workers, teachers, ministers and pastoral counselors, consultants, and graduate students in the mental health disciplines have participated in, and benefited from, the program. GTP is particularly ideal for practitioners seeking to enhance their training and individuals seeking a new perspective on their personal or professional lives.

Admission Process

The admission process is an opportunity for us to begin to know about each other. Your first step is to complete and submit a Training Program Application, along with the application fee. After your application is received, you will be contacted and interviewed, either in person or over the phone, by a faculty member. Admission into GTP also requires that you complete a Gestalt Experience Workshop, which will introduce you to the type of personal growth work you will experience during our 18-month program. You will be notified of your acceptance into GTP as soon as these steps are fulfilled.

Additionally, while participating in GTP, you must complete at least 35 hours of individual therapy with a Gestalt-oriented psychotherapist. Partial credit may be given for previous individual therapy, approved small group therapy experiences, and for some training programs and workshops.

Advanced Training Opportunities

GTP will begin to hone your interpersonal skills and increase your range of effective interventions. GTP is also a required first step in an advanced training process. Upon completion of the program, you may then apply for advanced training in a specialized area such as working with individuals, groups, couples and families or with physical process. After successfully completing an advanced training track, you are eligible to graduate as a Gestalt practitioner.


What people are saying…

The Gestalt Training Program (GTP) is a cornerstone program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Over 400 graduates, from diverse fields including teachers, lawyers, psychologists and consultants have benefited from the integration of mind, body and emotion. Our graduates described their GTP experience with these profound words:

“I think the Gestalt Training Program should be a prerequisite for living! It enhanced every area of my life. Not only was the program personally enriching for me, but the lessons definitely carried through to my business, career, parenting, and social interactions.” (a recent GTP graduate)

“I have grown more personally and professionally from my association with GIC than from any other activity I’ve participated in.” (therapist)

“Professionally, I became ‘unstuck,’ returned to school and became director of a program; personally, I discovered that everything I wanted was already within me, I am a better parent, wife, daughter and friend.” (attorney)

“I am calmer and more joyful in my own skin .” (consultant and executive coach)

“I learned to listen to my own truth … Professionally, I am very scientifically trained. GTP inspired in me the art of teaching and research to complement the science I already knew. My students’ engagement in my courses has also shifted and deepened as I show up more whole-ly and fully.” (business professor)

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